Bitcoin And Friends

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  This episode of Bitcoin and Friends caught my attention and kept it for the full 23 minutes. From the beginning it was like watching an episode of my life. Since I first learned of Bitcoin back in 2011 I have watched much of the growth of the Bitcoin economy.

  Bitcoin is left to fend for itself after Satoshi Nakamoto completes the creation of the code that became Bitcoin, reminding me of the tale of Frankenstein. It’s Alive!

  Bitcoin was born shortly after the troubling Financial Crisis of 2008. Despair sets in as the rotten banks foreclose on thousands and they end up homeless and struggling to survive.I lived through this in Tampa and worked in a psych unit at this time. You can imagine what I saw.

  Bitcoin is trying to find its father. We have been dealing with this since the birth of the cryptocurrency. I love the Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto part!

  Bitcoin tries to find its identity. What am I and what am I here for? Trying to pay for food with the coins was priceless. People are still struggling to understand but we are making inroads.

  Bitcoin finds Hal Finney and receives his blessing. This was my favorite part and then, well you will have to watch it to see what Bitcoin does. Bwahahaha.

  Overall I really enjoyed Bitcoin and friends. I might sound like a stodgy old man but I did not like the violent and grotesque parts of the episode. As many of you know I abhor the use of violence and love to voice my opinion on the matter.

  I believe we could have a much broader audience if it was safe for younger audiences. Since this shows target audience seems to be aimed at over 30 males I will have to give it a solid thumbs up. The reason I say over 30 is because these are the people who remember the financial crisis of 2008. If a person payed just the slightest bit of attention to the world back then, they will be able to follow this episode.

  Now the Bitcoin history lesson is solid. I like how Bitcoin is shown trying to finds its identity. This is precisely what happened and I look forward to seeing what Episode 2 of Bitcoin and Friends brings us. Hopefully more 10 minute blocks and before the next halving.

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